SVT’s mission is to provide safe, secure, reliable and discreet transportation and protective services for the discerning client.


SVT offers a wide array of professional services tailored to meet the needs of our diverse clientele. SVT clients encompass: government agencies, law enforcement, health and human services agencies, medical facilities, businesses, corporations, individuals, sports & entertainment, VIP’s and many other diverse industries. SVT operations and personnel are professionally trained, licensed, insured and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Many of our personnel have extensive backgrounds in the military, law enforcement and private industry. Our personnel are courteous, respectful and professional. Whether acting as your sole service provider or augmenting your current staff, SVT is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their security and transportation goals by providing the best services available.

SVT serves ALL of California with operations through-out the state. SVT is Federally Licensed to provide Transportation Services throughout the entire United States of America.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your business.


SVT was founded by a highly qualified Military Veteran who after graduating from University with a Bachelor of Science degree, served as a Fighter Pilot flying fighter jet aircraft in the US Air Force, serving during the first Gulf conflict period. In addition to flight duties, the founder trained and participated in aircraft accident investigations, combat operations, security details and was a certified FCF (Functional Check Flight) test pilot conducting numerous test flight sorties of fighter aircraft after major maintenance to approve the aircraft for return to normal flight status. After his Military Career the founder flew as an airline pilot for a major commercial airline. The founder has been serving in the private sector since 1996 and is the President | CEO of SVT overseeing the overall operations of the company.

SVT’s co-founder graduated from University with a Bachelor of Science degree and began her career in the business world working for numerous large Fortune 500 corporations including; UPS, Procter & Gamble and Mars. The co-founder is a business development, marketing and project management professional and brings to SVT a wealth of knowledge and experience. The co-founder is the Vice President | CMO of SVT and manages the business and client services operations of the company.

SVT’’s second co-founder graduated from University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and Business. He has experience in the financial and automotive business world and brings to SVT the technical skills required to help manage the operations of the business. He is the Director of Finance for SVT.

SVT is a Federally Certified Veteran Owned and Managed Business and offers a Preferred Veteran Hiring Program for qualified Military Veterans.


SVT is committed to doing our part to help save the environment, lower our carbon footprint and keep this planet a beautiful, viable and sustainable place to live for future generations. We utilize advanced technology to reduce the amount of paper used by our company, lower the emissions of our vehicles, reduce energy consumption in our office and help make our people more productive, efficient and responsible.

We look forward to serving you.